Notes on week 20 of 2024

3 things this week: 


It’s 3 weeks since I stopped working. I feel more used to it now. It’s okay. This week I made new connections and restabilised or strengthened existing ones. I got out of the co-working space and worked from Tate Modern a couple of times. 

Blog posts

I will publish my unconference book by the end of July. Inspired by a conversation with Sharon Dale, I published 2 blog posts on Tuesday: 

I intend to go into my depth on the agenda creation. 

Apathy / skin

Thursday and Friday I did very, very little. I was at home for both days. Not sure what happened, but I felt apathetic. Coincidentally, my skin’s been quite bad recently. I’ll work on both next week. A nice counterbalance to both issues was a visit to see friends on Sunday. Had a lovely time and felt much better afterwards.