Weeknotes for 2021 week 02

These notes cover Monday 11 January to Sunday 17 January 2021. 

I need to start with a sincere appology to everyone I've upset over the last week. Turns out that losing 5% of my body weight in 10 days affects my judgement. 

I am really sorry, especially to the person I reduced to tears yesterday )-: 

It started as a new year goal to loose the weight I put on during lockdown. But turned into obsessive calorie counting, meal skipping behaviour. Big thank you to my other half for spotting and making me confront this mistake. 

Even thinking about what I've done to myself and others over the last week is upsetting me. So rather than plough on and get into the miniature of what happened, I'm going to be kind to myself and stop here. 

Normal service will resume next week. 

James x