Week notes for 2022 week 34.

Monday 22 February to Sunday 28 August 2022.

These notes are inspired by David Buck's first week notes in 4 months. It’s nearly 5 months for me with the last few just being bullet points, which I’ll use to ease myself back in:

Civil service stuff

Cross-government community stuff

  • Attended the UK Gov Camp 2023 organisers kick off meeting,

  • Chat with civil service colleague about digitalising civil service write round process,

Chat with a fellow One Team Gov member about some interesting work he's doing, Hub team delivery manager

  • Jen’s away so this is my 1st week of attending all team ceremonies, rather than just the ones in my normal 1230 to 1700 working hours,

  • Fortnightly end / start of sprint ceremonies on Tuesday - no surprises,

  • HMPPS delivery manager community of practice - I ran a lean coffee,

  • Origins of the hub chat with original member,

  • Digital & Communications manager monthly meetup,

  • Trip to HMP Erlestoke to deliver training and saw the Westbury White Horse.

A huge white horse made of chalk cut into the side of a hill.

Freelance community and unconference stuff

  • Ran the monthly community manager's meet-up,

  • Got paid for my first freelance unconference organiser job I did last month,

  • Chat with fellow Indiependent community member about asynchronous unconferences,

  • Chat with another Indiependent community member about a training deliver opportunity.

Personal stuff

  • Lunch with David & Nour,

  • Stopped my Instapaper subscription,

  • Attended Eczema clinic,

  • Visit Odd son and family,

  • Attended Proms Spectacular at the 3 counties showground,

  • Visited Cheltenham for the morning.