2021 week 38 notes. 

This is a copy of my Open University blog post published on Friday 24 September 2021.

So, I'm registered to study Y032 People, work and society Access module. Week 1 of the course starts on Saturday 2 October 2021. Before that, the module's webpage shows a 'week 0' in which I have to look at: 

How to learn online (webpage on how to find my way around OU websites and on how to communicate with other students online)

I suspect most of this is electronic versions of the stuff I've been physically mailed. Here's the picture of the stuff I've been sent:

Paper materials are laid out on a wooden surface.

All the printed material I've been sent

After checking, the only 'new stuff' I hadn't seen before was: 

Along with all the above I also 8 emails to read and digest. I started to suffer from 'information overload' yesterday which got worse this morning. 

Fortunately the 'How to learn online (webpage)' started to make me feel better. It 'chunks up' the things I need to know into small, manageable pieces. Much of it was duplicated from other, disparate places I've already been asked to look at, but I can quickly skip over those. 

This was all going well until I got to a section called 'Using the OU Anywhere app'. This app doesn't exist. A quick search revealed it has been replaced by the 'OU Study app'. I'd already installed this via another link I saw somewhere. 

So, week 0 is done and everything is ticked on the module webpage:

Screen shot of the module webpage.

Screen shot of completed week 0 tasks

I've also signed up for the 'Welcome to FASS' event shown on the right of the screen in the 'News' section. FASS stands for Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Guess I better go back to the remain emails now and slog thru them. Positive mental attitude, FTW!