Week notes for 2022 week 09.

Monday 28 February to Sunday 6 March 2022. 


Started the week be catching up with Arfah and Imran on our potential community work / business. We've picked a date to deliver our first community manager training workshop.  

Had intro chat with new person in our team.


Spoke to the person who's been titrating me onto ADHD meds. Agreed I would stop taking the second lot of medication I've tried, as like the first lot it's messing with my skin and my sleep.

End of sprint day, so worked a ling day

Spoke to someone a know about a thing I can't talk about, yet.


Attended care leaver internship scheme line manager training

Deliver Con 2022 organiser meetup

Hub team standup


Cycled to therapy

Therapy was on_____

Weekly DM/PM/SO get together

Recorded third DM podcast, this time on swearing

Comunity x Community organiser's meetup

Weekly meetup with friends (one tea gov)


Listening to a friend's pain

Chatted with Gordon.G about his plans

Caught up with my people manager 

Regular 1-2-1 catchups with some team members, which I always love at the end of the working week


A friend came to stay 

Visitied RHS Wisley

Brief visit to the allotment

Did a thing I can't talk about yet