Notes on week 45 of 2023. 

If you're new to this, read me week notes explanation. 

Feels like it’s been a good week, all in all. 

Highlight was Tuesday’s catchup with Amanda at Navy Digital in Portsmouth. She looks after comms and outreach. We had an hour long chat about each other’s work. I left with loads of pointers, contacts and a 2 dates for a video shoot. I put a little thank you for Amanda in the Navy Digital #kudos channel. 

During lunch I cycled over to Portsmouth Guildhall. There’s a Maker Space somewhere in the building, but I failed to find it. Sent them an email instead. 

A workshop full of different tools and spaces to make things.

The Portsmouth Guidhall maker space, apparently.

Rest of the week is a bit of a blur. 

I remember being in the DIGI2AL London office on Tuesday. Lots of my fellow colleagues were in. We went to Lower Marsh Market in Waterloo for lunch. 

Thursday afternoon I had a dentist appointment. Hygienist to be accurate. Quiet stressful due to childhood trauma caused by a dentist stabbing me in the lip with a needle. So on Thursday I wore my noise cancelling headphones and did some breathing exercises. 

Today is Friday and I’m at Hanbury Hall in Shoreditch. A virtual co-working service I use is having it’s first in-person co-working event here. Venue is nice as are the hosts. We did 2 lots of 2 hour deep focus sessions, 1 before lunch and 1 after. My machine or the wifi were playing up after lunch, which made me frustrated. 

Fortunately I typed my week notes in a locally installed text editor. 

Not sure what else I can tell you about this week. 

Work wise, I’m feeling very connected to the DIGI2AL social value stuff at the moment. I’ve even listed some draft blog post titles, so expect some of them to be published soon. I’ve also volunteered to talk abou the work at a lunch and learn session next Tuesday. Draft slide titles are:

Anyway, that’s next week.

What I learnt this week