Week notes for 2022 week 10.

Monday 7 February to Sunday 13 March 2022. 


Started the week be catching up with Arfah and Imran on our potential community work / business. 


End of sprint day, so worked a long day.

Intervention - I'm now hypo-manic.


Phoned my GP and booked an emergency appointment. GP wrote me a letter and sent me to A&E, who saw me and booked me in to see the dermatology department the following day.


No therapy as not well enough. 

Went to dermatology department. Was examined by a doctor and also seen by the head of the department. Then sent to medical photography to have my whole body photgraphed. Then to phlebotomy for a load of blood tests. Then to the pharmacy to collect a load of medication. Then home to take first set of steriods and rest.


Rested all day.