Week notes for 2022 week 04.

Saturday 24 to Sunday 30 January 2022. 

Well, things haven't quite gone to plan over the last few weeks. But that's okay, plans change. Expect change. 

Friday I couldn't focus. Was having real problems in handover with Jen. Several times had to ask for clarification. The afternoon didn't get any better and I decided to jack it in and try again on Monday. Will work a full day, rather than half day.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) had me on part 1 of Having Difficult Conversations (HDC) course this week. It gave me a lot to think about, especially how my emotions can alter HDC. Really interesting. Looking forward to part 2. 

Therapy was okay this week. I came at it with an idea, well a question, which we talked thru and decided on a course of action. 

Had a good Deliver Con 2022 organisers meet-up. Tickets are now available, and I need to email them to previous year's attendees. 

Bethany, Emma and I had our first Delivery Manager's Podcast meet-up. We even recorded a little something and put it out there. Hopefully Greg will join us on the next one. Really looking forward to making something of this. Coincidentally, I found The Delivery Manager Daily

Imran and I have finished our first piece of private community work. I really love working with him cause he keeps me honest, inspires me and helps me see the world in a better light. 

It was Community Manager Appreciation Day 2022 (#CMAD2022) this week. CMX tweeted a 75% discount on their courses, so I reinvested my earnings in their CMX Academy courses. I've also noticed the Community Roundtable have membership but it's £1,500. That'll have to wait.

Other stuff has happened, but I don't wanna overdo it. 

Toodle pip.