Community manager's breakfast club

Today (Wednesday 1 December 2021) I held the first community manager's breakfast club. It was a hybrid virtual and in-person meet-up. 10 people attended with 7 virtual and 3 in-person. Jane O'Loughlin kindly ran the introductions whilst I collected in-person attendees from reception. We then filled an EasyRetro board with discussion topics and worked thru our way thru them, spending around 8 minutes on each one. The order of topics was:

  1. Hybrid events hot tips?

  2. What is your community?

  3. What is the structure for community and community managers in your organisation?

  4. How do senior managers relate to your communities?

We didn't get chance to discuss:

  • How do you enable your community to engage asynchronously?

After the allotted time, a few of us stayed behind to think about the next meet-up. I made the following notes that need expanding:

  1. Questionnaire to attendees

    • Which platform would you like to use next?

  2. Fortnightly frequency

  3. Real-time tweeting of discussions

  4. Do a blog pst about topics / attendees (this!)

  5. Do some contracting at the start of the next session

  6. Experiment with different services / platforms


  7. Twitter business / community.