Week notes for 2022 week 01.

Saturday 1 to Friday 7 January 2022.

As usual, I've made a new year's goal to start week noting again. This year feels different though.

In the middle of December 2021 I started a new drug for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) called Atomoxetine.

It feels like it might be having an effect, as I've put a lot more effort than usual into thinking about what I want to get out of 2022.

Over the xmas break I iterated the following routine, habits and goals.


A daily sequence of things I do:

  1. Meditate (10 minutes)

  2. Exercise:

    • knees on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    • cycle to therapy and office on Thursday

    • running on Tuesday

  3. Skin care

  4. House keeping:

    • clean

    • groceries

    • make lunch and dinner

  5. "My time":

    • health goals

    • read / study

    • talk to a friend

    • private work

  6. Civil Service:

    • senior delivery manager

    • community manager (10% time)

  7. Complete daily exercise goals:

    • 13,000 steps

    • 10 kilometres

    • 3,000 calories burnt

    • 30 active zone minutes

    • 35 floors climbed

  8. Reflect on the day:

    • anti-sabotage

    • gratitude

  9. Skin care

  10. Meditate (at least 10 minutes)


Things I to do all the time or as needed:

  1. Ask how this will impact climate change

  2. Be quiet and:

    • actively listen

    • count to 7

    • think before I do

    • let the silence do the heavy lifting

  3. Be honest about:

    • my feelings

    • things I don't know

  4. Avoid meet and sugar

  5. Ask why and why not a lot

  6. Celebrate success

  7. Pomodoro technique

  8. Have some fun


Things I'll complete by the end of the year:

  1. Health goals including:

    • find a therapist and fix my self-sabotage

    • maintain a healthy weight

    • run a half marathon

  2. Read 25 books

  3. Complete decorating the house

  4. Pick a hobby and practice it

  5. Civil Service:

    • work "above this level" for all senior delivery manager skills

    • run monthly Gov DMs in the Ether events (10% time)

    • organise DeliverCon event (10% time)

  6. Build up my private work

    • monthly Community Manager's breakfast club

    • find 100 government community managers

    • figure out how to get on G-Cloud or DOS

  7. Weekly week notes on a Friday

  8. Start doing some volunteering

  9. Have a week where I don't throw away anything that would end up in a landfill