London Job Search

Ok, time to start looking for a new job, this time in London. I'm currently working for Birmingham City Council's housing department. So I thought it logical to look for a job in a similar field.

Yes, I want to be a Data Scientist, but that will take time, qualifications, etc.

Here is a word cloud of my old CV, before I updated to make it relevant to the jobs I'm applying for: -

Word cloud of my (old) cv

So, I looked up Housing Associations with properties or offices between Bethnal Green and the West End (where I spend most of my time in London) and created the following spreadsheet: -

I then started looking at each one's website for job vacancies, emailing those who had a website but no obvious jobs section. There are several without a web presence, so I'll have to ring them (maybe offering to sort them out with a site, etc.)

I've found an interesting job as a community development consultant. Here is a word cloud of the job specification: -


Also looked at a couple of housing related organisations: -