July 2020

I'm currently looking for my next role and have been asked to share my ideal role. So here's my first draft (needs work):

Most of the work I've done revolves around digital, data and technology (DDaT) either in user support or community management.

More recently I've worked as a delivery manager and keep thinking I should make this my preferred career path, for a bunch of reasons including:

  • I love to help people solve problems and unblock stuff

  • I love using agile and it's iterative approach to delivery

  • I love the creative aspect of sharing team's work on a wall

  • I really love facilitating meetings and helping people connect

  • The estabilshed and growing communities of delivery managers

  • I really love that delivery managers focus on people over processes

Working in the open is important to me. Ever since I was introduced to Twitter 2010 I've loved doing my thinking in public. I've often wondered if this is an ego driven thing, but mainly believe its an open source thing - many eyes on a thing can make it better.

Being open and connecting with people has led me to volunteer for and run a bunch of different communities, including organising regular meetups and big conferences. I've also had several day jobs managing and developing communities which can be a real joy, but can also be an uphill battle sometimes. The way to solve this is to know your community and what it's members need. Focus on the user's needs, not your own.

I think the most important thing is the people I work with. I need to feel safe around them, yet secure in the knowledge that I can challenge and be challenged without repercussions. That typed, I do love to work alone sometimes, get my head down and focus on a thing.

That's enough for now. Please do message me on Twitter if there's stuff you think I should add.

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