My mental health

9 June 2012

Felt much better when I got back to work, so decided it was all the emotion of the diamond jubilee that made me depressed. Thursday, I was discharged from the South Birmingham Mental Health centre at Spring Road and advised to seek guidance from my General Practitioner in future. Apparently, I am no more a risk to myself, than an average member of the public. The Spring Road centre is being closed down and patients transferred to Ten Acres, elsewhere in Birmingham.

5 June 2012

I'm blogging about this in the hope it will settle me down, without the need for further medication. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved. With regards to this recent episode, I haven't really told my family or discussed it in depth with my partner.

Last year, I was diagnosed with type II bipolar affect disorder, also know as manic/depressive disorder. It didn't surprise anyone, least of all me. But, it was nice to finally put a name to a mental health condition that has been damaging me and those around me, for years. I have the "happy high" version, also know as hypomania, which means I sometimes appear as highly outgoing, flirtatious and competitive.

If I sleep, eat and avoid stimulants/depressants, my condition it is manageable; 8 hours in bed, 3 meals a day and limited caffeine/alcohol and I operate as normal. I haven't been doing this properly recently, so I'm suffering a little. But unusually for me, I'm suffering with depression more then hypomania at the moment. I don't want to do anything, see anyone, go out or smile. When people ask if I'm ok, I say yes. I'm lying to myself and others.

The annoying thing is, I feel its affecting my work, which is frustrating because I'm working on an amazing project at the moment.

So, I'm off for a walk to clear my head. I may be some time...