How to buy a internet domain name, point it at Google Apps and start doing stuff

I'm writing this piece because I've just seen Helen Milner's tweet about Community How To and wanted to add my knowledge. If you have 10 users or less, Google Apps has a free service. So I'm starting this process at 09:10 (before I start work). Lets see how long it takes.

1. Buy domain name

Took 4 minutes

2. Register for free at Google Apps and point the domain at Google

Took 16 minutes


I now have the following services available: -

  1. – main interfacing page (content needed)
  2. – points to
  3. – create and collaborate on documents
  4. – create web content
  5. – calendar app
  6. – configured, but have to wait for DNS MX records to propagate

So there we go. Basic Google Apps configuration in 20 minutes. How long would it take you to find a supplier, negotiate a contract, pay and get the work done?

Its now 09:46. Not sure where the other 16 minutes went, documentation I guess.