August 2020

I got permission to publish this email, because it's so beautiful.

From: Carla Groom

To: Jen Oliver, James Cattell

Cc: Cate Fisher

Date: 12 Aug 2020, 14:11

Subject: Rockstars!!

Thank you so much for your time today, it was both fascinating and really useful to hear about your previous work and extensive toolbox of approaches. Cate and I are super excited about the prospect of having your combination of skills on team, we think you’ll take us to a whole other level of effectiveness.

We would absolutely love for you to come on the proposed jobshare basis for 6 months. We have the business case already sorted out so can proceed right away if you’re still up for it.

I know James that you had further questions, and Jen you had some further queries to consider. I’m around some of this afternoon and tomorrow if you wanted to discuss. Cate is on leave now although dipping into her emails from time to time.

Thanks again for really energising conversations, you are the true Dream Team!

Take care

Dr Carla Groom, Deputy Director for Behavioural Sciencem Department for Work & Pensions