Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Senior delivery manager interview email invite

Jen and I applied as a job-share for a senior delivery manager role at MoJ Digital.

My interview is on Thursday 7 January 2021 from 1400 to 1515. Here's the email inviting me to the interview:

Dear James Arthur,

We have scheduled your interview for the Senior Delivery Manager position as follows:

Date/Day: Thursday 7th January 2021

Start time: 2.00pm

End Time: 3.15pm

The interview will be via video - please use this link at the start of your interview:

[Link removed]

Interview format:

The interview will be with a panel of 3 and consist of a presentation exercise followed by questions based on the technical skills and experience highlighted in the job advert attached, as it specifically applies to this role. We also ask you questions around 'behaviours' based around our culture and values, as outlined in the job advert.

We will send you the pre interview task (presentation specifics) on 29th Dec 2020.

Please have examples prepared as the interviewers will ask open-ended questions to which they are seeking answers/ evidence/ examples of essential, previous experience and behaviours in order to guide their hiring decision.

We recommend following the STAR interview technique/approach where you are asked to describe the situation, the tasks you completed, the actions taken to complete the tasks and results of your efforts.

Before your interview let us know:

  • If you require any reasonable adjustments for a disability or any special assistance for your interview

  • Confirm your salary requirements and notice period

  • Confirm that you will be attending the interview.

Interview tips:

  • Please ensure that you are fully versed with the job advert and have a number of examples for each of the required skills and responsibilities

  • Do have a detailed look at our blog ( as the Interviewers may be interested in finding out why you want to work here, what you know about the business, the company and the culture you like to work in.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Kind regards,

[Name removed]