Ministry of Justice (MoJ) digital - senior delivery manager

Jen and I applied as a job share for a senior delivery manager role at MoJ digital and we've been asked to interview.

You can view the interview invitation email but not the interview exercise which was sent separately (MoJ digital prefer I didn't publish it).

Here are reasons I want to work at MoJ digital:

  1. Amanda Smith works there and she's awesome 🙂

  2. MoJ digital take employee's health seriously, as evidenced in Tammy Wallace's lockdown experience blog post

  3. I've never heard any MoJ digital employees complain about the kit they use

  4. The MoJ digital people team responds really quickly to questions about the interviews

  5. The MoJ digital blog is in use with what looks like an average of a post every 2 weeks

[just popping to the chemist to get my bipolar and ADHD meds... Be right back]