Birmingham ward boundaries

April 2011

Colleague at work was looking for a map of the Birmingham ward boundaries. Coincidentally, I was looking at the Birmingham City Council news room website earlier in the day. They have a freedom of information (FOI) page, on which is a link to the site which hosts all the necessary data. So, over lunch, I had a crack at creating a single combined Google Earth KMZ file containing all the wards. The method and results are below.

1. Download all the individual ward KML files into the same folder

2. Do a Google search for "KML Merge v1.0 for Google Earth" and download this useful app

3. Open KML Merge and select the folder that contains all the KML files

4. Merge the files into a single Google Earth KMZ file

5. Start Google Earth and open the KMZ file

You'll see something like this....