Birmingham city council neighbourhood offices

July 2011

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Smartphone users: map works inside "Google maps" application.

Tenants in Birmingham can submit claims online for housing and council tax benefit. Afterwards, the Benefit Services team sometimes askes tenants to provide proofs, e.g. a Job seekers allowance award letter. Instead of ringing the contact centre on 0121 303 111 and booking an appointment, tenants can attend some offices on the day. The only rule is turn up 90 minutes before close. On the map, I have marked offices that allow this with this icon

I created this map so I could direct tenants to the best office. After tweeting about the map, some partner organisations started using it. At the time of typing it has been viewed over 10,000 times.

My only concern is keeping the information up to date. I have emailed the manager of neighbourhood offices asking for advice. At the moment the data comes from the Birmingham city council website here

Please check the comprehensive service available at