UK Gov Camp 2012 bullet points

This post in inspired by Dan Slee's blog "GLASTO FOR GEEKS: Bullet points from UK Govcamp 2012"

1. I enjoyed it

2. It wore me out

3. I need to get fitter

4. Anke Holst gives very good hugs

5. My memory for what people tweet, is better than who they actually are

6. Pat on the back for Steph, Dave, Lloyd and Hadley (bought Dave a pint)

7. Thumbs up to Microsoft for hosting (same again next year?)

8. I sat in a room with several people, including the acting Director for Service Design in Universal Credit. We talked about welfare benefits. How cool is that?

9. We need a bigger cloakroom

10. We need a bigger drinking venue

11. Mike Bracken's attitude is excellent, especially under pressure

12. Harry Harrold and Tim Davies' energies are infectious

13. This year's t-shirt is better than last year's (my kind of colours)

14. When not in a session, I need to talk more and type less

15. I really like Janet Hughes' #gdsnuk idea and now follow the hashtag

16. Next year, we need a proper chill out room, with beanbags and lava lamps

17. I need to pay more attention to (thank you Mary McKenna)

18. I have much to learn

19. I've learnt so much

20. Did I mention the hugs?